Patrick Sheppard, PresidentPatrick Sheppard is President of VaporGenics Inc. He has provided strategic direction and financial guidance, including direct equity participation, in many successful companies. These companies provided development, management and professional services including engineering, design services for various industries.

Over the past three decades, Patrick has participated in management and served on the board of public and private companies. His blend of skills and professional experiences allow him to understand the product development process from research and development to business and marketing.

Patrick's responsibility is guiding VaporGenics from the completed invention process, through research and development, testing trials, commercialization, product launch, negotiating joint ventures, strategic alliance agreements, manage corporate goals and investor relations.

Mike GilmoreMichael Gilmore is responsible for managing all aspects of VaporGenics engine system development process, from sourcing purchased HVAC and electrical components to overseeing the concept to production-ready model designs.

Educated at the University of South Florida, Michael has over thirty years of experience in heat exchanger design and construction. He holds a U.S. patent for the most widely used titanium and plastic heat exchanger in the heat pump pool heating industry. He has been a consultant and independent product representative since 2001. Prior to that, Michael was the national sales manager of the largest coaxial heat exchanger manufacturer in the U.S., was actively involved in the design and implementation of many unique heat exchanger applications, and has designed and constructed calorimeter laboratories.

Dale SolomonDale Solomon is director of the Ohio laboratory of VaporGenics, Inc. He has been intimately involved in the development of the concept of the VaporGenics engine for 18 years. A precision machinist, Dale used his prowess to innovate the design of the original VaporGenics Engine®. He has managed projects utilizing the engine such as water pumping, air conditioning, and heat pump pool heating.

Dale was also a member of the team that secured the patent rights for the VG Engine® and innovations related to VaporGenics core technology . Dale serves as an integral resource in the design and future development of all VaporGenics systems.

Eric GilmoreEric Gilmore is responsible for the concept to production-ready model designs of VaporGenics engine systems. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Florida, and has an extensive professional background in manufacturing processes, including the facilitation of rapid prototyping.

For five years, Eric served a project engineer for a manufacturer of food packaging machines, where he fulfilled the role of prototype designer and liaison between the engineering and manufacturing departments. The projects he managed were all new applied technologies, including some regarded as revolutionary within the industry.

Prior to that position, Eric served as a design engineer for an HVAC technology company where he used three dimensional CAD software to design high efficiency rooftop packaged air conditioners. In addition to 3D modeling software, he is proficient with 2D CAD software as well as CAM software.

Gas Technology Institute – Consortium of Natural Gas and Propane producers.

Harvest Energy – Manufacturer of proprietary linear generators used in place of shock absorbers on tractors and trailers.

Island Sky – Manufacturer of “water maker” HVAC systems that collect, filter and store condensate humidity for use as drinking water.

Solar Usage Now (SUN) – Distributor of a proprietary thermal storage systems.

Andrew DeWeerd, Electrical Engineering/Circuit Board Designer, DeWeerd Engineering
Joe Serdynski, HVAC Engineering Consultant
Tom Rieker, VP of Solar Usage Now, Solar and Business Consultant
Tom Scozzari, HVAC Engineering and Sales Consultant
Jim Berry, Civil Engineering PE, HVAC Engineering Consultant
Ujval Vyyas, PhD. J.D., Professor at DePaul University, Sustainable Energy
Robert Frijouf, J.D., Patent Lawyer and Legal Counsel Regarding Intellectual Property
Volker Hohensee, PhD, President, Espar N.A.