Alternative energy for a planet running out of alternatives.

The VaporGenics TeamAs the world grapples with an array of seemingly intractable energy challenges and impending environmental crises, the need for clean, green cost-effective alternatives is more urgent than ever before. Fortunately, help is on the way. In fact, it’s here.

VaporGenics, Inc. was founded in 2010 by a small group of engineers with a big idea. Based on a patented technology first developed in 1989, VaporGenics products are poised to help solve the world’s most daunting clean energy and public health issues with innovative, eco-conscious engineering and design.

Our game-changing products provide clean energy, cool air and fresh water with environmentally friendly technology that leaves little to no carbon footprint. These products deliver unprecedented levels of energy-efficiency and cost-savings with the potential for significant impacts on a sustainable energy-based economy, improved public health, and a healthy planet.

Converting heat into work .

Our core technology is the VaporGenics Engine, a linear heat engine utilizing a closed loop thermodynamic cycle. First utilized in a well pump designed to provide fresh drinking water in remote areas of the globe, the VaporGenics Engine converts heat from any source into useable linear motion that can power other systems, as well.

Prototypes utilizing the VaporGenics Engine’s linear motion have since been designed for numerous other systems and applications. Besides solar radiation, the cycle can also use just about any type of heat source available, including waste heat or engine cooling systems, either of which can be repurposed as an incredibly cost-efficient energy source by the revolutionary VaporGenics cycle.

Power for a healthy planet...and a better bottom line.

In almost any application where traditional grid energy usage is expensive, impractical or unavailable, the clean, green cost-effective solution is finally here, in the revolutionary VaporGenics Engine.