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The engine of a sustainable future, this breakthrough technology can utilize any heat source, thermal solar hot water or waste heat, to generate clean/green energy, produce cool air (HVAC) or pump clean well water. 

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  • The revolutionary VaporGenics Engine is a proprietary, thermally fueled heat engine that provides the linear power to bring generators, air conditioning compressors, and well pumps to life.

  • Air Conditioning

    The economic and environmental implications of this breakthrough technology are enormous for the HVAC, anti-idle, and refrigerated cargo and storage...

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  • Water Pumping

    Consider that 28% of the Earth’s population lacks access to drinking water. The patented VaporGenics Pump is the right way to provide water...

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  • Power Generation

    This breakthrough technology can utilize any low-grade heat source to generate clean/green electricity. If heat is available, VaporGenics can...

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  • The talented team of dedicated engineers and entrepreneurs behind an ingenious linear stroke engine.

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Director of Product Development

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Engineering Manager

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  • At the heart of all of the VaporGenics applications lies the innovative new VaporGenics Engine. This proprietary new heat engine provides the linear power to bring generators, air conditioners, air compressors, and well pumps to life – all on an affordable, sustainable, off-the-grid basis.

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